Email & Phone Extractor Web 2022



  • Email & Phone Extractor A clever web tool can capture large amounts of client data for use in digital marketing.
  • From source websites and on a keyword basis, extracts all mail and phone numbers.
  • The fastest software now on the internet is this extractor.
  • It is made to extract phone numbers and email addresses using a variety of criteria and settings to provide the best results.
  • You can save the gathered email addresses and phone numbers as. CSV data.
  • The extractor can UPDATE automatically, which helps you to get new features.
  • It can retrieve 10,000 emails and phone numbers in one minute from numerous websites.
  • In a single click, users can collect thousands of leads.
  • targeted search utilising keywords for email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Data extraction is completely unrestricted and unlimited.
  • Multithreaded process for faster intelligent extraction.
  • Automatic updates are with new features and settings instantly.
  • In the end, you will receive a list of extracted leads from the website.
  • The software has options to START – PAUSE – STOP in running mode.
  • Users can export collected data into CSV or excel file format.


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