Digital Visiting Card with Mini E-commerce


✅Share cards with anyone, Unlimited times
✅Update card Unlimited times.
✅Ecommerce Online Store
✅Profile Photo
✅Select design from available templates
✅5 Products or Services
✅10 Photos in Gallery
✅Social Media Links
✅5 Videos in Youtube Video Gallery
✅Products with images.
✅Payment Section
✅Contact Form Included


Bring Your Mini E-commerce Store Online With Us

A Digital Visiting Card  (also known as Digital Visiting Card with Mini E-commerce, electronic business cards, and digital visiting cards with Mini E-commerce) is an online means of sharing contact information.

With Mini E-commerce, you can create digital visiting cards with an iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer at a lower cost than paper cards. Like typical business cards, electronic business cards can be customized, designed, and shared with anyone.

There are no space constraints with a Digital Visiting Card with Mini E-commerce—you can add as much or as little information to your Digital Visiting Card with Mini E-commerce as you’d like. Additionally to the standard contact information (such as your name,
the company, email address, and phone number), you can add a photo, video, logo, social media profiles, badges, and PDFs.

How does Digital Visiting Card work?

  1. Create Your Card
  2. Save to your device
  3. Share with friends and colleagues
  4. One-Click Call
  5. WhatsApp with one button
  6. One-Click Email
  7. One-Click Navigate
  8. Add to Contacts
  9. Websites and Social Links
  10. Share Unlimited
  11. Online Store
  12. Easy to Update
  13. photo Gallery
  14. Youtube Video Gallery
  15. Payment section
  16. Inquiry form


Features :-

1) Share Digi Card

You can share the card with your clients without a saving number.!

2) Save Contact

People can save their contacts by just tapping on the save icon.!

3) Call on click

Your clients can reach you by just tapping on the Call icon.!

4) WhatsApp on click

Your clients can WhatsApp you without saving your number.!

5) Navigate on click

People can navigate your premises by just clicking on the map icon.!

6) Email on click

Your clients can send you an email by just clicking on the mail icon.!

7) Website Link

People can visit your website by just clicking on the web icon.!

8) Social Media Link

Increase your social media visits by just clicking on the Social icon.!


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